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The Planning Process

At MFG, we strongly believe that life planning is a process and not an EVENT!

We support clients through every aspect of the planning process. We believe that the best results come from a mutually beneficial relationship between client and advisor.

Complimentary Consultation – First Meeting – Second Meeting – Follow-up Meetings – Annual Review

  • Prospective clients will first come in for a no-obligation complimentary consultation to determine both long and short term goals, provide the opportunity to ask any questions about what we do, and evaluate the guidance they seek. Future clients often come to us after attending one of our education workshops and want to see if we are a good fit to help them plan their future. MFG will provide the necessary information prospective clients need to complete and bring with them for the initial, no obligation complimentary consultation. We will also outline the cost of our services. If we are a good fit for one another and decide to move forward, we will appoint our first official meeting and go over in detail the list of financial documents that are needed to complete your plan.

    (Approximate meeting time is an hour and a half)

  • At the official First Meeting, we will have an in-depth discussion with clients about their specific goals, concerns, objectives, and strategies. We will review their financial documents in detail to determine where they stand financially and gather as much information as possible to help design and implement a comprehensive investment plan. The planning fee is due at this point to begin analysis.

    (Approximate meeting time is two hours)

  • At the Second Meeting, MFG will then analyze the data and present clients with a written investment plan and recommendations specifically created with their unique financial goals and objectives in mind. With a personal meeting, we will have a detailed discussion of the plan.

    (Approximate meeting time is two hours)

  • At this stage, if clients and MFG decide to continue to work together we will set up a Follow-up Meeting and MFG will work with clients to implement their new, comprehensive plan step-by-step. Clients’ investment plans, on paper, have no value without implementation but are potentially priceless in practice. If necessary, we can coordinate with other professionals, such as attorneys and CPAs to implement the recommendations.

  • We will continue to monitor your custom-tailored and value-based financial plan by setting up an Annual Review Meeting at least once a year with clients to review the progress of the plan, and to evaluate both their personal and economic changes. MFG will pay close attention to how changes in federal tax laws, economic conditions, inflation, and investment rates of return will affect their comprehensive investment plan.